Space Is For You

The platform where you will learn how space helps us in our everyday life. Use our spinoffs database to browse everyday products that are made possible by space.

reasons why space is good

The case for space

How space is used to help humanity.

Climate Change

Earth observation is crucial in addressing climate change

Daily Life Inventions

From MRI to wireless headphones, scientific discoveries from solving space problems have provided new and improved products

Economic Opportunities

The space industry is responsible for over 1.2M jobs worldwide

Global Development

Farmers, disaster response, endangered species. They all rely on space information


space by country

Space Agencies

80 countries have space agencies


Over 100 countries have satellites in space for weather observation, satellite TV, or other applications


41 countries have sent astronauts to space

New Entrants

Most recent entrants to the spacefaring nations are Denmark and Kazakhstan in 2015 and United Arab Emirates in 2019


list of space agencies

space company directory

Discover companies using space to provide value to Earth. From launch services to satellite data applicators to climate change mitigators.

space company directory

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