the case for space

Reasons why we need space for life on Earth

There are many ways we use space in our everyday life. From household products to aviation safety to monitoring and forecasting the Earth's climate. One thing is for sure, space has a crucial role in our life on Earth. This list below is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a starting point for you to learn about the benefits of space in our everyday life. To learn more about how Space Is For You, we recommend browsing our spinoffs database.

1. Climate change

Earth observation, otherwise known as satellites looking down on Earth, is the best method to gather scientific evidence and provide solutions for climate change and pollution.

2. Inventions for daily life

Scientific discoveries from solving space problems have given us all kinds of inventions and improved products. Better MRI machines have been made possible, better home smoke detectors, safer air travel, wireless headsets, improved baby food, digital dental x-rays, and thousands of more products and services. You can browse them all here.

3. Economic opportunities

The space industry is responsible for over 1.2M jobs worldwide. On average, these jobs pay 25% more than the US national average wage. Contrary to popular belief, not all jobs in the space industry are in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

4. Global development

Satellites are used to help small farmers, plan for droughts and floods, save endangered animals, and give everyone more power to manage their lives and communities.

5. International cooperation

Space requires a lot of cooperation even when there is competition. Space has helped governments across the globe cooperate through international space policies and has created a culture of support in space for decades.

6. Space is cheap

The long list of benefits from space costs very little, and private companies fund a lot of the benefits we enjoy. Less than one-quarter of one percent of the world’s government expenditures are for space. More on this here.

7. Space brings humanity together

We all come together with hope and excitement when rockets are launched or see pictures from Mars. There is no “losing team” when it comes to space; we all win when humanity makes discoveries.

There are many more reasons why space is crucial to life on earth. Discover all the benefits of space by subscribing to our newsletter and receive more information on how Space Is For You.

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